How Serious Is My Problem?

Trust an exterminator to find the solution

When dealing with potentially dangerous pests, like spiders, it is wise to consult a trained exterminator.

Many people wonder when to call in the professional to control the pests. They wonder if their pest problem is serious.

The challenge with most pest infestations is that viewing a few pest insects might just be a small indication of a much larger unseen pest infestation. For example, seeing a few termite swarmers might not cause alarm since there are not thousands of insects observed. In the case of termites, the colony can contain well over a million insects and most of these will not come out into the open, preferring instead, to steadily work in hidden areas all the while consuming wood. And some of this wood can be your house.

Mice are another example of this. It is common for people see and catch a mouse, thinking that it came from the neighbors or wandered in. Mice nest in walls, or other protected areas and rarely are there more than 20 or so feet from their food source. So catching one mouse might be a victory, but at the reproduction rate of over five young per month, there might be others.

Usually snakes and reptiles do no set up permanent residency in the home so these might have just wandered in. Wildlife, such as opossums, skunks, raccoons and squirrels are very happy to overwinter in chimneys, attics, can crawlspaces.

Only through a thorough inspection by a trained professional can one assess the situation in each case and ascertain whether there is just a small visible infestation or whether it is a serious infestation. Regardless, it is always important to assess the situation soon after finding evidence of infestation. Considering the reproduction rate of most pests, an easily controlled infestation can get out of hand rather quickly.

No pest issue is easy to solve on your own. A local exterminator is standing by with a plan to address your pest problem. Simply fill out the form to be contacted by a local exterminator or call 877-890-6780 to be instantly connected with an qualified and certified exterminator in your area.